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Bernadette Holland bholland at lawrence.k12.ma.us
Fri Dec 21 16:20:47 EST 2007

Akira reminds me of the time when I worked in a private school’s computer
lab. The school still had 2 Apple 2E’s but graduated to those little Mac
SE’s. Then, we had a ¾ Mac and ¼ PC lab. Now, the lab is 95% PC with Vista,
the latest Office version and wireless laptop capability. In the ‘old
days’ out of 100 computers, that lab had one Mac and one PC with Internet
using PINE. I recall how cumbersome PINE was. Russian language students
loved it for authentic communication with native speakers. I remember the
students getting very excited when Mosaic was available with a graphical
interface. That was an AHH moment for me, too.

Can it really be true that we spent $3,000 for our first PC? In those
mouse-less days, my 14 year old son taught me keyboard commands that I
still remember. The OS was probably Windows 1.0. I also had a techie
neighbor who taught me how to change the floppy drive when it went bad. We
felt that we were ‘advanced’ because we had both types of disk drives in
that computer, the 5.25 inch variety and the 3.5 inch drive. Oh how I hated
formatting those 3.5 inch disks. And unlucky was the individual who used a
Mac disk in a PC and visa versa! Gonzo!

What I really want to focus on in ’08 are the technical aspects of digital

Bern Holland, Technology Facilitator
Lawrence Public Schools
Adult Learning Center
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