[Technology 1445] New technologies and their potential for adult literacy education

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David J. Rosen djrosen at comcast.net
Mon Dec 31 21:47:04 EST 2007

Technology colleagues,

In the past we have discussed here new technologies such as mobile
learning, podcasts, wikis. blogs, and internet telephony. There are
now an increasing number of adult literacy-focused wikis, blogs and
podcasts, and a greater use of internet telephony in our field. There
is beginning to be more use of mobile phones for adult education-
related purposes, for example through Jott.com .

Are there other new technologies that we should discuss here that are
used -- or have potential for -- adult literacy education (including
numeracy and ESOL) ? Desktop teleconferencing? Social networking?
Presentation software? Electronic Whiteboards? New Google features?
Digital video? Online education games such as Free Rice http://
freerice.com/ or World Map http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/worldmap/
worldmap ?

Do you have a favorite adult education-focused wiki or blog? If it
isn't listed on the ALE Wiki New Technologies page, please add it
there. http://wiki.literacytent.org/index.php/Newtechnologies
(Directions for adding text are at the bottom of the wiki page.)

David J. Rosen
djrosen at comcast.net

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