Day in the Life Videos

These short videos on various occupations provides information such as the knowledge, skills or credentials required.

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ConnectEd Studios, The California Center for College and Career
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Day in the Life videos are short clips featuring professionals talking about their jobs. A brief description of the career is provided along with information about the knowledge and skills required, career path, median annual income and future growth potential. Videos are grouped into sectors:

  • Agricultural and Natural Sciences
  • Art, Media, and Entertainment
  • Biomedical and Health Services
  • Building and Environmental Design
  • Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Fashion Design, Manufacturing, and Production
  • Finance and Business
  • Green/Sustainable Energy
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Justice, and Public Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service
  • Transportation
  • Women in STEM

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What the experts say

The stories highlighted in The Day in the Life Videos are a resource for career counselors working with adult learners who have artistic, scientific, and social interests. For example, artists, musicians, or theater professionals having difficulty finding work might find the ideas helpful in imagining and preparing for meaningful and creative work that utilizes their artistic abilities. The videos do a good job of presenting a diverse population working in interesting and rewarding fields. 

The recommendation of this resource comes with a caveat to use it carefully, because as well as inspiring adult learners it could also create a sense of discouragement. Many of the occupations are highly competitive, require long preparation or do not employ large numbers of people. It would be more valuable tool if the videos were expanded to include more jobs that are accessible through apprenticeship (e.g., electricians, masons and carpenters), or jobs with clear pathways that start with lower skill jobs and progress to higher wage positions.

The videos are a wonderful way to explore occupations that many students do not know exist. The majority of the occupations require a BA/BS for entry so adult students will need to understand the bridges available to them locally if they did not have the skill level to enter the career pathway. The videos are of high quality and have a high representation of minority presenters, non-traditional careers and entrepreneurs.  Users can select from the broad sectors/career clusters and a dropdown menu provides a variety of occupations in that sector.

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