A Collection of Two Classroom Videos and Video Resource Paks for English Language Arts/Literacy

Supplemental videos and materials for Advance Unit 3, designed to help adult educators implement the instructional advances required by CCR standards. 

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This collection of two classroom videos and associated lesson materials are designed to help adult educators implement the instructional advances required by CCR standards. They supplement the training and tools offered in Advanced Unit 3, Observing CCR Standards-in-Action (SIA). 

Each videotaped lesson includes descriptive annotations that identify lesson elements, and teacher and student actions and behaviors, that support college and career readiness learning. The OCTAE video lessons demonstrate standards-based instruction. Each video includes a teacher interview and is accompanied by a lesson plan and a completed observation form.

These lessons have been carefully reviewed and annotated by experienced educators and content experts using the CCR Standards-in-Action Classroom Observation Tool. It is a tool that helps educators plan and review their college and career-readiness standards-aligned lessons to make the necessary shifts in instruction.

Benefits and Uses

The video lesson and the accompanying tools included in this Video Resource Pak provide additional guidance and concrete, visible evidence of CCR standards-aligned lessons. To help viewers use the CCR SIA Classroom Observation Tool, the resource includes the following elements: 

  • A set of guiding questions tied to each Core Action:
    • Core Action 1. Curriculum content of the lesson matches the demands of CCR standards.
    • Core Action 2. Learning activities (questions and tasks) are text-specific and cognitively demanding.
    • Core Action 3. CCR standards are translated into lesson content that productively engages adult learners.
    • Core Action 4. The lesson is intentionally sequenced to build on and develop students’ skills and knowledge.
    • Core Action 5. Students’ levels of understanding are assessed throughout the lesson, and instruction is adjusted accordingly. 
  • A completed CCR SIA Classroom Observation Tool that identifies the moves each instructor makes, student responses to instruction, and standards-aligned lesson elements.
  • A lesson plan for ELA/Literacy, which identifies the targeted CCR standards, learning goals, and sequence of planned activities.

Use the videos for independent study or as part of a professional learning community or professional development program. 

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