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Preparing Workers for the 21st Century: Making the Most of a Job – Reading

This resource supports the teaching of specific education and training content that can be implemented by classroom instructors in the context of a particular career cluster.
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, Office of Adult Education
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Making the Most of a Job – Reading is a reading workbook with units correlated to the National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) skills.   It includes a teacher guide, a student workbook, and ancillary materials including worksheets and audio files. The structure of the text enables facilitators to teach workplace skills while teaching literacy skills.

The full set of materials for this curriculum can be located on the Michigan Adult Education Professional Development website here: 

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There are 42 reading selections in the workbook. The selections are based on the NWRC profile of what new workers in entry level jobs need to be able to do well enough to successfully carry out critical tasks. The readings and associated activities are designed to increase fluency, comprehension and reading vocabulary.  The readings and lessons can be used in any order. Instructors and students are free to “skip around” to find selections of greatest interest or personal importance.  Individual lessons within this literacy curriculum can be integrated into other ABE courses or offered individually as time permits.

This resource was reviewed and vetted through the Designing Instruction for Career Pathways initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education under Contract No. ED-CFO-10-A-0072/0001.