Selecting Modes of Transportation

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This scenario-based activity, created by the STEM Transitions project team, is free and requires a one-time registration to access all site materials.   Transportation is one of the most significant areas of logistics management because of its impact on customer service levels and a company’s cost structure. Inbound and outbound freight transportation costs can account for as much as 10 to 20 percent or more of a product’s price. Effective mode selection can achieve significant improvements in profitability. In this project, students will examine four major modes of transportation and learn how to make the best selection depending on the characteristics of the mode and the needs of the customer.

Benefits and Uses

Students will be able to: (1) Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively to explore the best modes of transportation for certain destinations; (2) Gather data and represent it accurately; and (3) Draw conclusions from collected data.  In addition, students will be able to demonstrate the following Transportation, Distribution and Logistics skills: (1) Develop logistics solutions for customers; (2) Select mode(s) of transportation; (3) Develop criteria for selecting mode(s); (4) Select most cost-effective mode(s) based on evaluation criteria; (5) Select carriers for transportation mode(s); (6) Determine selection criteria for carriers; (7) Identify possible carriers for selected mode(s); (8) Present and explain information on selection process and decisions; (9) Develop transportation plans including routes and schedules for transporting people and goods; and (10) Develop routes to meet service and time requirements at lowest cost.

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This resource was reviewed and vetted through the Designing Instruction for Career Pathways initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education under Contract No. ED-CFO-10-A-0072/0001.