CCR Standards: Mathematical Foundational Units

CCR Standards-based professional development (PD) Math materials made for adult educators.

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The College and Career Readiness Standards Math Foundational Units 1 – 4 were produced by StandardsWork Inc. as part of the Implementing CCR Standards in Adult Education project, under contract to the U.S. Department of Education (Contract # ED-VAE-13-C-0066).  These training materials replicate four key activities created for adult educators who participated in three CCR Standards Implementation Institutes offered in 2014 and 2016. Taken together the activities that make up Units 1 – 4 will help participants explore what it means to implement the CCR Standards for Mathematics in adult education. Participants will receive a practical and transferable understanding of the fundamental advances in instruction embedded in the CCR Standards, which are crucial to preparing adult students to meet the real-world demands of college and careers. At the heart of the instructionaladvancesis a careful examination of the critical content and processes that fuel mastery in mathematics including coherent progression from level to level and pursuing conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application with equal intensity. 

  • Foundational Unit 1 Focusing on the Major Work of the Levels addresses the most critical concepts and skills that students must master to be prepared for college and careers. 
  • Foundational Unit 2 Thinking Across Levels to Connect Learning concentrates on the concept of coherence, and the central role it plays in the CCR Standards. 
  • Foundational Unit 3 Engaging the Three Components of Rigor investigates what it means to create a rigorous mathematics curriculum. 
  • Foundational Unit 4 Connecting Standards for Mathematical Practice to Content provides techniques to enrich instruction by integrating the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice with content-specific standards. 

Each ready-to-use unit includes a facilitator’s guide, an annotated PowerPoint presentation, and participant materials.   

Benefits and Uses

This resource supports States’ and programs’ efforts to implement adult education content standards that are aligned to college and career readiness in an effort to support rigorous and high quality instruction. Usage of the Math Foundational Units 1 – 4 will strengthen the capacity of adult educators to implement CCR standards to better prepare adult students for success in college and careers. These activities provide the field with opportunities to dig into the CCR standards and to explore what it means to adopt CCR-aligned standards and how to do so in a sustainable manner. Understanding how the CCR Standards differ from previous sets of standards—and the necessary shifts or advances they call for—is essential to implementing the CCR standards well.

Engagement in these four units of activities will enable adult educators to identify the most significant elements of the CCR Standards for Mathematics and to determine how best to integrate them in instruction and curriculum. The goal of Units 1 - 4 is for participants to leave with specific ideas, resources, and actions they can implement immediately. Designed primarily for group-use, these units also support independent study.

There are four units that should be worked through sequentially. The units can be facilitated during a single daylong training or in multiple trainings over several weeks or months. Eachready-to-useunit contains all the materials required to facilitate these training activities, including a facilitator’s guide, an annotated PowerPoint Presentation, and a packet of participant materials. Each facilitator’s guide includes a similar set of features:

  • Background and Purpose: presents the origin and rationale for each activity.
  • Overview: reviews what each unit covers, the basic steps and the expected outcomes.
  • Materials: lists the resources needed to implement the activity.
  • Time Frame: suggests the approximate amount of time needed to prepare for and implement each activity.
  • Guidelines for Implementation: provides directions and details the steps needed to implement each activity.
  • Reflections: frames questions to reflect on and discuss the unit’s activities.

The participant materials include the directions, charts, worksheets, answer keys and other resource materials that guide the use of each unit. The PowerPoint presentations are a digital aid for presenters/facilitators who lead the CCR Mathematics training activities. Notes are provided within the PowerPoint presentations to help you prepare for each session. This information accompanies the information offered in the facilitator guides—including the research base, rationale, advice, and other guidelines—to provide the support and guidance you may require. 

Required Training

While training is not required prior to use of this resource, a fundamental awareness of the CCR Standards for Mathematics is recommended.

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