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The Annotated Bibliography is intended to be a resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the research that is most relevant to the Promoting Teacher Effectiveness in Adult Education project.

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The Annotated Bibliography is composed of two parts that, together, provide a detailed view of some key pieces of literature on teacher effectiveness, teacher induction, teacher competency, and adult learning. A matrix identifies the general topics that are addressed in each piece of literature. Following the matrix is an alphabetized list of the documents, including a short paragraph that describes the content of the literature. 

The introduction to using the Annotated Bibliography describes an adult education practitioner’s experience as a new teacher and ways to use the Annotated Bibliography. Both an audio file and the transcript of the audio are available.

Benefits and Uses

This resource is the result of the first environmental scan on teacher effectiveness in adult education. Because of the limited research in adult education, the Annotated Bibliography draws from pertinent K-12 literature in addition to the literature from adult education. It also includes literature from both national and international context, providing the user with diverse perspectives on teacher effectiveness, teacher induction, teacher competency, and adult learning. This rich content of this resource is the foundation for the development of the Adult Education Teacher Competencies.


Useful features:

The Annotated Bibliography has two parts: (1) a matrix of the literature and (2) summaries of the documents describing the content of the literature. Each of these parts was designed to be easily searchable so that users can easily find the literature on their topic of interest.

  1. The matrix identifies the general topics that are addressed in each piece of literature so that users can quickly identify the documents that are most relevant to a specific area of interest.
  2. The summaries of the documents are provided in alphabetical order. Each entry is tagged with key words such as mentoring/coaching, teacher quality, certification, hiring and retention, professional development, and e-mentoring to help users search more easily for the entries that are most pertinent to their interests.
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