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This website, TeachingEnglish by the British Council, contains a wide range of practical resources for teaching English to adults.

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This website contains three sections of resources for teaching English to adults: Lesson Plans, Activities, and English for Business. The Lesson Plans section features lessons with easy to use instructions and materials that provide students with the skills and confidence to enjoy learning English. The Activities section contains activities for use in the adult classroom. Lessons and activities are organized by level: Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced.

The lessons in the English for Business section are designed around functional skills for business learners. All of the lessons and activities were written by English language teaching experts and are designed to engage learners in motivating and enjoyable ways. The topics covered are meetings, negotiations, and socializing.




What the experts say

This website contains a rich compilation of lessons designed and uploaded by English language professionals through the British Council. Materials include downloads of lesson plans and worksheets, podcasts and ancillary materials relevant to the broad range of topics and levels addressed in the resources. Educators can choose by topic, by level and by modality (reading, listening, writing) and can adapt content (particularly lexical differences in UK and US English) and can design assessment processes to gauge learners' understandings and competencies within the particular exercises/lessons.

The section dedicated to adult learning and learners provides engaging, well-organized, and easily-navigated content that will serve those who teach English to adult non-native speakers and, in many cases, those who teach adult basic education (ABE) learners. The site also contains similar but larger sections targeting elementary and secondary students. That content is also worth exploring since some of those instructional materials will also appeal to older learners. A significant reward for using Teaching English resources for adults is that the vast majority of its content integrates “adult education and literacy activities concurrently and contextually with workforce preparation activities,” as defined by WIOA legislation. (WIOA Title II, 2016, and IET Training Guide, n.d).

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