Kentucky Skills U Instructional Technology Framework

The Kentucky Skills U Instructional Technology Framework provides a common instructional technology foundation for comprehensive, assessment-aligned instructional support for adult educators. 

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The Kentucky Skills U Instructional Framework Series was designed to provide a common instructional foundation for all of Kentucky’s adult education providers. This resource was developed by a state-level team and was informed by local providers and is intended to align with the LINCS Professional Development Center State Leadership Self-Assessment Tool, the LINCS Adult Education Teacher Competencies, the Data Recognition Corporation TABE 11/12 Blueprints, and the GED® Testing Service High Impact Indicators (HIIs). The framework has four components: The Student Framework; The Mathematics Instructional Framework; The Reasoning Through Language Arts Instructional Framework; The Instructional Technology Framework.

This resource focuses on The Instructional Technology Framework and provides instructional resources that are accompanied by links, descriptions, screenshots and video tutorials.  The resources are aligned with LINCS AE Teacher Competencies for Domains 2 and 3, specifically competencies 2.1 through 2.5 and 3.2.  While the resources are designed for the K-12 setting, they can be used as is or revised to meet the needs of adult learners.

To note, the examples of Instructional Technology described in the framework are meant to supplement instruction, not to replace it. Sound instruction is designed around learning objectives, and integration of the technology tools highlighted below contextualizes instruction to increase the digital literacy needed for both college and career success. 

What the experts say

The Kentucky U Skills Instructional Technology Framework provides a helpful list of online technology tools (websites, platforms, and apps) that are intended for use in educational contexts. The list is aligned with the LINCS Adult Ed Teacher Competencies for Domains 2 and 3, specifically competencies 2.1 through 2.5 and 3.2. The resource provides a brief description of each tool and links (where available) to tutorials on its use, so that teachers can explore the potential of each for providing instruction to their learners. Many of the listed tools are designed for K-12 learners. The resource can be quite helpful for adult educators who understand how to evaluate K-12 materials for use with adult learners and how to incorporate technology tools as supports to the achievement of learning objectives.

Like most compilations of websites, this resource has both benefits and flaws. There are many excellent websites, apps, and products here that would be very helpful to teachers in their classrooms. However, unless the teacher has prior knowledge about each one, the information given in the resource is not sufficient. As with any collection of websites, there are some that have changed and some that seem to have disappeared. There is no organization according to class (Literacy, GED, ESL) or level of English or basic skills, and some of the sites are free only for schools in Kentucky. The wonderful videos in some of HippoCampus, the great curriculum in USALearns, the innovative approach of live tutors in Ask Rose are there to be found, but the finding isn't easy.

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