Career Pathways in Law: Using Your International Education in the United States

This e-guide provides resources and guidance to internationally trained immigrants seeking to use their education in the field of law in the United States.

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This e-guide provides resources and guidance to internationally trained immigrants seeking to use their education in the field of law in the United States. It explores career pathways related to law, as well as alternative careers.

Features include:

  • Strategies for achieving career success
  • Educational pathways in the field of law
  • Licensing and certification requirements in law
  • Alternative career pathways
  • Helpful resources in the field of law
Benefits and Uses

This guide is thorough and covers steps in the career pathway, understanding the legal profession in the U.S., gaining recognition for international education, requirements and licensing in a variety of law fields, and transferring skills to alternate fields. Ample links and references to further information are provided throughout the guide, along with clear statements of caution to check specific state licensing and training requirements. This guide could be used by a program or classroom teacher as part of a curriculum on career pathways.

The guide is clearly written but is written at an advanced level of English. It assumes readers are fluent or nearly fluent in English. Additionally, to access the guide you must fill out an online form that asks your name, email address, and a series of questions about your affiliation to the resource.

What the experts say

This guide is an excellent resource for internationally educated people, particularly immigrants and refugees, who are seeking to work in the U.S. It presents information about the ways people with credentials from countries outside the U.S. might transfer those credentials and/or seek alternative work within the field of law. The guide begins with the steps of a career pathway and poses questions that get the reader started on their journey. It provides extensive information on the legal system in the U.S. and requirements and licensing in a variety of fields of law. The handy glossary entries on certain pages help the reader understand terminology as they read.  In addition, the guide includes resources throughout and at the end of the guide, an index of references, and a SMART goal worksheet that the reader can leverage as they move through the guide. 

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