The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) Offers Mentoring and Literacy Guide

The National Institute for Literacy Offers
New Mentoring and Literacy Guide

The National Institute for Literacy is serving as an expert on literacy and as a resource to ESSENCE CARES, a new national mentoring movement responding to the needs of African-American youth in crisis. As a part of this new initiative, the Institute, together with ESSENCE CARES, has produced a 12-page ESSENCE CARES Mentoring & Literacy Guide that includes a call to action, information mentors can use to understand the importance of literacy and suggestions for building reading and other literacy skills with youth. When Oprah Winfrey dedicated her May 31 show to mentoring, the Guide was featured during an interview with Susan L. Taylor, the woman spearheading the ESSENCE CARES mentoring movement and the editorial director for Essence magazine. Dr. Sandra L. Baxter, director of the National Institute for Literacy, was in Chicago for the taping of that edition of the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" along with other key national civic, religious and social leaders working with the ESSENCE CARES mentoring initiative.

Essence Cares Mentor and Literacy GuideThe Institute is dedicated to improving opportunities for adults, youth and children to increase their literacy skills. The ESSENCE CARES mentoring movement is providing an opportunity for the Institute to reach and engage diverse audiences and to emphasize the importance of literacy, learning and academic achievement among youth. Like all Institute publications, the Mentoring & Literacy Guide is free.