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Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

Profile 6: "LOW EVEN SKILLS"

High Intermediate Group - Silent Reading GE 6-8.9

Description of the ASRP Profile 6

  • ASRP Profile 6 is part of the High Intermediate Group. The Intermediate Group is made up of three profiles (4 - 6) whose members scored between Grade Equivalent (GE) 6-8.9 on the DAR Silent Reading Comprehension subtest.
  • Their silent reading comprehension average GE is better than their word recognition and spelling GEs. Word meaning is significantly lower than the other components.
Average Scores

Averages for this group on the five reading components are shown in the table below. You will also see a line graph with the Profile 6 average scores. In both cases (the table and the line graph), all scores except oral reading rate are given in GE. We explain oral reading rate farther down this page—keep scrolling!!

Just as each component has its own average score based on its particular range of learners' scores, each component also has its own range of lowest scores. The scores given in the "Start of Lowest Range" column mark the BEGINNING of the lowest range for each component. Learners who score below this GE are those performing in the lowest 15% of the group on that component.

Profile 6: "LOW EVEN SKILLS"
Reading Component Average Score Start of Lowest Range
Word Recognition






Word Meaning (Vocabulary)



Silent Reading Comprehension



Oral Reading Rate
(words per minute)



We can also display the average scores for Profile 6 as a line graph, our preferred method on this website:

Line graph showing the average scores for Profile 6 and the user's scores. This information is also presented in the table above.

Oral Reading Rate

Profile 6 had an average oral reading rate of 133 words per minute. 

As a frame of reference, skilled adult readers (such as college students) have an average oral reading rate of 189 words per minute. RR

Bar graph displaying the average oral reading rate for Profile 6 and the user's rate: 133wpm. This information is also presented in the table above.

As with other components, there is a lowest range of scores. For Profile 6, 15% of learners read at rates below 103 wpm.