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Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

The Word Reading Test (WRT)

The WRT is a test of Word Recognition, the ability to read words accurately when their recognition is not supported by other words in a reading passage. The WRT is one of the sub-tests in the Quick Adult Reading Inventory (QARI), an individual assessment of reading. Continental Press has graciously granted permission   for ASRP users to download, copy, and distribute the WRT at no cost.

For this test, the learner reads graded lists of words until a top level of mastery is reached. There are five lists of ten words each covering grade levels 0 to 10. Each list gives mastery criteria for two grade levels. There are complete directions for administering and scoring this test on the Directions for Giving the WRT page.


General Description
  • 10 levels (through GE 10)
  • Two Forms, A & B, for pre and post testing
  • FREE! (All WRT documents are available on this Web site. You may download and print as many copies as you'd like.)
  • Directions for Giving the WRT
  • WRT--All Levels, each Form A & B
Available Formats:

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