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Checklist for Connecting Reentry Education Programs to Career Pathways

The Reentry Education Framework is intended to connect education services offered within correctional facilities seamlessly to those offered in the community. This requires the support of many partners, a strong program infrastructure, and aligned education and training services. Career pathways operate on many of the same principles, offering a network of partnerships and services to help individuals improve their knowledge and skills so that they can pursue further education and employment opportunities within an industry sector. Reentry education can prepare individuals to enter a career pathway, which can help them improve their employability and secure better jobs when they reenter the workforce.

The below checklist outlines steps for aligning reentry education programs with local career pathways. These steps assume that career pathways already exist in your communities, as they are different from the steps a state or region would take to design a pathway. Use the checklist to guide your research on local pathways and explore other community resources.

This checklist is designed to support reentry education providers implementing the education services component of the Reentry Education Framework.

Understand how the Reentry Education Framework aligns with the U.S. Department of Labor Career Pathways Toolkit.

Research local industries offering viable career opportunities for individuals with criminal backgrounds.

Contact reentry education partners who also may be part of a career pathway, including, for example, community colleges, adult education providers, one-stop centers, and workforce boards. For more information, see if your partners participate in any national or state career pathways initiatives, such as:

Help reentry education participants understand the benefits of career pathways. For example, create a free customized career pathways map:

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