Advancing Innovation in Adult Education: Learn More

The Advancing Innovation in Adult Education project encourages adult education programs to apply for participation. Information on this page will help programs determine whether their practices meet the project’s requirements and definitions of innovation.

Questions to Determine Whether an Adult Education Practice is Innovative

If you are interested in participating in the Advancing Innovation project, consider completing the Checklist for Innovative Practices to determine whether your program’s practices align with the project definition of innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for my program’s innovative practice to be considered?

Applications are available for adult education programs to complete. After completing the checklist, visit the Apply page to begin the application process. Programs may contact for assistance in working through this process.

What are the next steps if my program’s innovative practice is selected?

The Advancing Innovation project team will work with your program to learn more about how the practices are carried out, including the key components of the practice and its outcomes for adult learners. The project team may also conduct a site visit to your program.

How does this benefit my program?

The innovative practices selected for the project will be disseminated nationally through LINCS and other project activities and recognized as practices that lead to improved learner outcomes. User-friendly products for the adult education field will be created to showcase the recognized practices. Selected programs will be featured at local and national conference presentations to disseminate these practices widely and raise awareness among state policymakers. Recognition by the project can be leveraged by programs to support their efforts to obtain various sources of funding.

The application and validation processes include technical assistance to help applicants and finalists to identify innovation and determine practice outcomes. This includes participation in LINCS community and other project events such as webinars, panel discussions, webcasts, and planning activities. The project staff will conduct a one-day site visit to each “finalist” adult education program. The site visit will include interviews with the program director and staff associated with the nominated practice, observation, and feedback on the practice. Program data will be analyzed through an in-depth review.

Schedule of Virtual Events

Webinar – Identifying Innovative Practices 
Email to obtain the slides or the recording.