Universal Design for Learning and Adult Basic Education

Overview of Project and Courses:

Video Transcript: OCTAE and CAST: Improve Adult Basic Education (ABE)

In the United States, Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs provide roughly 2.6 million adults a year with the instruction they need to complete their high school diploma or enroll in higher education classes.  But unlike the more standardized K-12 experience, there is no clear, agreed-upon best model for Adult Basic Education. Adult learners are incredibly diverse and ABE teachers often come from a variety of other fields outside of education, sometimes with little formal training in teaching adults. All of these factors lead to an enormous variability in how, where and when adult education happens. To address these challenges, the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education in partnership with CAST has developed seven online modules to help ABE teachers, administrators and programs create an educational environment where all of their students can thrive. Based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the modules feature engaging video case studies, key ideas in Adult Ed, pro tips and activities that educators can use in their classrooms right away. These free modules were designed with the help of current ABE instructors and administrators with the idea that they can be widely shared within adult education programs.

Key Project Goals and Outcomes:

Video Transcript: Travis Combs Explains Key Project Goals and Outcomes

Universal Design for Learning Courses are coming soon.