Access Training

Training Options

  • Participate in the TEAL facilitated online courses
  • Request training for your state – LINCS Training Catalog

The LINCS Professional Development (PD) Center partners with states to offer face-to-face and virtually facilitated trainings from the LINCS Training Catalog. States can request, use, and customize LINCS trainings and resources to develop the next generation of state and local topical experts.

States can build a state cadre of trainers by strategically employing LINCS trainings and services. State and local trainers can:

  • Attend state-requested LINCS trainings

  • Observe training delivery

  • Learn from a national LINCS trainer to gain expertise in delivering a particular training

  • Join the State Trainers online community group

State Staff and Trainer Materials

If you require special accommodations with trainings or training materials, please contact us a week or more in advance, and we will do our best to assist you. Email the PD Center Helpdesk at for any special requests.