Assess PD Program

States can use the LINCS Professional Development (PD) Center Self-Assessment Tool to evaluate their PD programs. The Self-Assessment Tool helps states identify components of their PD programs for strengthening as they implement WIOA. Additionally, an Asset Map Tool is available to help states organize and plan how they will implement and document items in the Self-Assessment Tool.

Used together, the Self-Assessment Tool and the Asset Map Tool can help guide states' participation in activities, including webinars, training, train-the-trainer opportunities, and collaborative learning groups. 

  • Self-Assessment
    • The State Leadership Self Assessment Tool supports planning to establish or operate a high-quality PD program and guides participation in capacity-building activities sponsored by the LINCS PD Center. 
  • Asset Map
    • The Asset Map Tool provides a process for teams to identify existing and needed resources and partnerships as well as key milestones and actions toward achieving identified goals. 

Use of these tools is voluntary, however, they are beneficial for determining priorities in supporting a high-quality PD program.