LINCS Trainings

I want to deliver a training in the LINCS catalog

Interested in delivering or supporting a LINCS training in your state or program? Check out the checklist of tips below.

  1. Some LINCS trainings have online train-the-trainer sessions that provide delivery tips. Look at the list below to see if the training you are interested in facilitating has one.

  2. Request facilitation materials. Many LINCS trainings have formal Facilitator’s Guides or structured talking points. Email to request these materials.

  3. Have questions? Ask them in the State Trainer MicroGroup in the LINCS Community. LINCS Trainers and training developers can help answer your questions!

This LINCS webinar will help increase your skills and ability to successfully embed train-the-trainer strategies and activities into your training delivery.
The session provides a refresher on the revised materials for existing National Trainers while providing state trainers with an overview of the content and delivery tips.
This popular online course can stand alone or be used as a part of a connected series of professional development activities.
This face-to-face training and follow-on study circle provide dedicated PD activities that meet WIOA requirements for supporting the delivery of evidence-based writing instruction.
This webinar covers Social Network Analysis' (SNA) findings, takeaways, and recommendations for building a more robust online community of practice and stronger connections.
Join Patricia Bennett for an orientation to the teacher effectiveness and evidence based instruction resources on LINCS, including the adult education teacher competencies.
The webinar provided information to state education agency adult education staff about OCTAE's Teacher Effectiveness materials, including teacher effectiveness competencies.
What can programs do to develop the capacity and confidence of new or less-experienced instructors? In this webinar, we explore the set of resources that support teacher induction through a multi-step mentoring process.
Heidi Silver-Pacuilla shares summary findings from the PIAAC report and the U.S. response to the findings, along with exciting new resources for adult education practitioners.
This webinar by Dr. Darcy Hardy takes a closer look at interaction and how trainers and facilitators can use the Communities of Practice and Discussion Boards to promote better learning opportunities.
Reboot Your Digital Strategy supports state- and local-level efforts to cross-train practitioners on digital literacy and builds awareness about national and regional Internet access expansion efforts.
Join ESL Pro experts Betsy Parrish, Kathy Harris, Heide Wrigley, and LINCS Moderator Susan Finn Miller as they discuss the LINCS ESL Pro Project and the ways you can draw upon ESL Pro resources for your own professional development.
In this webinar, Dahlia Shaewitz, Dr. Tara Myers, and Amanda Duffy from the American Institutes for Research (AIR) highlight the value of tagging OER for adult education, adding comments, and joining the OER Commons public group of adult educators.