New Trainers

I am a new trainer looking for effective practices to get started

New to delivering training? These resources can help any interested individual gain skills for delivering content in many contexts. These skills are necessary in delivering training and professional development to adult educators.

The Who, Why, and What of Training design.
This short handbook designed just for new presenters! This guide was created by a subgroup of the MN ABE Statewide Professional Development (PD) Committee.
This brief video details how to use the KOLB learning cycle to help you design effective training. This is part of a train the trainer course How To Run A Great Training Workshop.
This comprehensive training manual produced for the Maricopa Community Colleges focuses on instructional strategies that foster a deep approach to learning. The goal of the training is to have you deliver more effective training by applying instructional design principles throughout your own training.
This one-hour webinar, designed and hosted by Jane Meyer for LINCS, provided participants with strategies for effectively preparing for and delivering face-to-face trainings. The webinar focused on strategies and tips for engaging the audience and communicating the message during a face-to-face training.