Reading & Writing

Teaching ELLs Who Are Emergent Readers (ELL-U)

This self-paced online course offers introductory, research-based information about teaching adult English language learners who are just beginning to acquire print literacy largely due to lack of access to formal schooling. This course will clarify how and why this population is unique, offer processes for identifying emergent readers, and explore a range of teaching/assessment strategies that build initial literacy.

Teaching Adult English Language Learners Who Are Emergent Readers (ELL-U)

This interactive training will prepare teachers to work effectively with English language learners who have had limited formal schooling by engaging participants in research-based, authentic teaching techniques and hands-on activities that will focus on teaching basic literacy skills (e.g., alphabetics, vocabulary, comprehension) in age-appropriate ways.

Professional Development for Teaching Adult Emergent Readers (ELL-U)

This training outlines for educators some of the most important research-based characteristics of adult language learners who are becoming literate for the first time. The training will highlight useful materials, model a few core teaching strategies, and discuss program models that serve this unique population. Participants are encouraged to bring their own reading lists, materials, and questions to the training.

Diagnostic Reading Assessment for Intermediate English Language Learners (ELL-U)

This virtual study circle will begin with a discussion of the diversity of reading strengths and needs among intermediate (GLE 3.0-8.9) English language learners (ELL; including those placed in English-as-a-second-language classes and those in Adult Basic Education classes) as well as the rationale behind components-based reading assessments and reading profiles. A brief and practical approach to individual assessment will be presented that is based on the “simple view of reading” – in other words, vocabulary + word recognition = up to 80% of comprehension.