Cultural Competence in the Adult ELL Classroom: A Funds of Knowledge (ELL-U)


This study circle builds on the increased understanding of culture developed in the ELL-U online course The Role of Culture in the Education of Adult English Language Learners. The study circle explores in greater depth how a “funds of knowledge” approach can enhance the language learning experience of adult English language learners (ELL) by helping them to build on what is cognitively familiar. Participants will explore the unique funds of knowledge that adult ELLs bring to the classroom from their homes and communities. Participants may conduct ethnographic exploration through visits to homes, neighborhoods, or places of business; they may choose to learn more about community life in the countries from which their students have emigrated; or they may engage in interviews and discussions with their students and members of their students’ families and communities. Participants will discuss and analyze with other teachers what they have learned about the rich life experiences and funds of knowledge their adult students bring to the language learning process. They will also design learning activities that tap into this knowledge and create plans to apply this approach to their teaching practice. Prerequisite: The Role of Culture in the Education of Adult English Language Learners (EL31VS) online course

Study Circle