Diagnostic Reading Assessment for Intermediate English Language Learners (ELL-U)


This virtual study circle will begin with a discussion of the diversity of reading strengths and needs among intermediate (GLE 3.0-8.9) English language learners (ELL; including those placed in English-as-a-second-language classes and those in Adult Basic Education classes) as well as the rationale behind components-based reading assessments and reading profiles. A brief and practical approach to individual assessment will be presented that is based on the “simple view of reading” – in other words, vocabulary + word recognition = up to 80% of comprehension. Part of Session I will be devoted to familiarizing participants with the features and resources of the LINCS Assessment Strategies & Reading Profiles (ASRP) website. To apply learning from Sessions I and II, participants will assess an intermediate ELL from their program using assessments available on the LINCS ASRP website, beginning with the background questionnaire and the Davidson-Bruce Word Meaning Test and concluding with the Quick Adult Reading Inventory Word Reading Test and Sylvia Greene’s Informal Word Analysis Inventory. Participants will have opportunities to present their test results and receive feedback from the study group leader and other members. Session III will give participants the opportunity to discuss what implications flow from their assessments for placement, appropriate instructional approaches, and materials.