College and Career Readiness Standards-in-Action Professional Development: Mathematics Advanced Unit 2: Focusing on Assignments and Student Work (SIA)


Advanced Mathematics Unit 2 training introduces teacher-friendly tools to facilitate effective standards-based instruction that: (1) delve into the instructional and institutional implications of level-specific College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards, and (2) help shape the approach adult educators will take in teaching the standards—and in sustainably implementing standards-based education. The CCR Student Work Protocol outlined in this unit is designed to evaluate the quality of assignments and their alignment with the CCR standards. It guides instructors through a collaborative process of reviewing assignments, the accompanying lessons, and resulting student work. The Student Work Protocol makes it possible to examine the topics being studied and to determine not only which CCR standards are being taught, but also which are being learned. The CCR Student Work Protocol also provides instructors with the foundational information they need to conduct a Lesson Study, a form of teacher inquiry used to improve teaching and learning in which a lesson that accompanies an assignment is refined and tailored to the demonstrated needs of students.

In-person Training Event