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Teacher Effectiveness

Using the Adult Education Teacher Competencies (TE)

The Adult Education Teacher Competencies are designed to identify the knowledge and skills adult education teachers need to improve student learning and performance. Participants will explore using the competencies to strengthen instruction. The half-day (3-hour) session is geared to beginning through experienced teachers, administrators, and professional developers.

Introduction to Teacher Effectiveness and Induction (TE)

This self-paced online course provides an overview of the Adult Education Teacher Competencies, an introduction to teacher induction, and a summary of the Adult Education Teacher Induction Tool Kit and its resources. For those in an induction program, it should be taken during the Planning step of the Teacher Induction Pathway.

Reflecting on Your Practice: How Reflection Informs and Shapes Teacher Practice

This presentation addresses how Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, or English as a second language teachers can understand and use their own research to inform classroom practice. We highlight reflective methods of professional development; the free, online LINCS resource collections; and reflective methods currently used in the field and discuss a relevant professional development plan.

Implementing Induction: Strengthening Teacher Practice (TE)

Mentoring is a well-researched, effective strategy for developing the capacity and confidence of teachers. This session will introduce resources from the Adult Education Teacher Induction Tool Kit, particularly the Mentoring and Instructional Leader Guides, and explore ways programs might implement the tools. These resources help instructional leaders provide guidance and support; experienced teachers perform effectively as mentors, and beginning teachers plan, practice, and reflect on evidence-based instruction.

Connecting the Adult Education Field: On-Demand Professional Development

LINCS provides a variety of resources and services through its Resource Collection, Community of Practice, Learning Portal, and Professional Development Center. Learn about each of these components and explore the website. Discover new online courses, resources, and tools and hear the latest information on upcoming opportunities. Learn about current initiatives such as digital strategies, the Adult Numeracy Instruction, and Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy.

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