Persistence Among Adult Education Students Panel

Persistence Among Adult Education Students Panel

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This panel discussion focuses on persistence in ABE, ESOL, and GED programs, and features a NCSALL study entitled, "Supporting the Persistence of Adult Basic Education Students."

The report examines student persistence in adult education programs. It presents a working definition of persistence, examines existing research, and describes NCSALL's three-phase study of the factors that support and inhibit persistence.



Dr. John Comings - Director, National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL), Cambridge, MA

Ernest Best - Project Manager, African American Men's Literacy Project and Executive Director, Massachusetts Alliance for Adult Literacy, Boston, MA

Kathleen Endaya - Director, Project READ, Redwood City Public Library, Redwood City, CA

Dr. David J. Rosen - Senior Associate, Newsome Associates, Boston, MA