Section 3 - Getting the Health Care You Need - Research-based Intermediate Health Literacy Materials and Instruction Guide

Research-based Health Literacy Materials and Instruction Guide

Intermediate ABE and ESL Levels

Section 3 — Getting the Health Care You Need

Focuses on talking to health professionals, filling out medical and family history forms, follow-up to health care visits, and paying for health care. 

1. Vocabulary Lists
Interpreter/ Translate
Medical History/ Allergies/ Immunizations
Medical History/ Family History
Generic/ Brand-name Medication
Government Health Program/ Health Insurance
Flashcards - Label
Flashcards - No Label
Reading and Comprehension
1. Pre-/Post Comprehension Check
2. Reading Passage
3. Cloze Activity 
Supplemental Activities
1. (V) Vocabulary Matching
2. (W) Extended Writing - Talking to Health Professionals
3. (O) Role Play - Answering a Health Professional's Questions
4. (W) Health Forms - Beth Jones Case History
5. (W) Health Forms - Sample Patient Forms
6. (O) Paraphrasing Activity - 10 Scenarios
7. (C) Extended Reading - Following Emergency Room Instructions
8. (O) Asking Questions - Case Studies
9. (O) Role Play - After a Visit to a Health Professional
10. (C) Extended Reading - Making Health Care Safer
ESL Activities
1. Grammar Focus
2. Grammar Focus
3. Sentence Focus - Matching Q and A's
4. Sentence Focus - Unscramble Word Order Activity
5. Conversation Focus - Paying For Health Care
6. Conversation Focus - Follow-up X-ray
7. Role Play - Asking the Doctor Questions
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