Technical Assistance and Professional Development

The LINCS team looks forward to working with states to provide technical assistance (TA) and professional development. Our approach is centered on a three-tiered system of support focused on topics essential to capacity-building for educators, programs, and state systems. The tiered system provides universal training opportunities open to all state adult education agencies and programs, opportunities to collaborate with peers from other states who are addressing the same topics and/or who have similar challenges (targeted), as well as opportunities to have more intensive TA within your state on topics critical for your success while ensuring you meet WIOA state leadership requirements. Following is a brief description of the tiers.

TA Tiers



  • Short-term, low-intensity TA offered virtually on topics of shared need across many states that is open to all.
  • Topics will be identified based on OCTAE priorities, state needs or suggestions and requests from states to the LINCS project team.


  • Short-term, high-value, high-intensity TA delivered to cohort of states grappling with similar issues.
  • TA will be offered virtually with SME facilitation using LINCS technologies, such as CoPs and leveraging LINCS online courses.
  • Topics will be identified based on similar or related state technical assistance requests.  


  • Tailored TA delivered individually to states based on unique state needs shared as part of the state technical assistance request form.
  • Following consultation with the state, the intensive TA may include up to two on-site visits by an SME trainer, with virtual support offered through a dedicated CoP for the state cohort.
  • Topics and timeline will be specific to the individual state's needs.
  • There will be a limited number of states eligible for this level of TA. Some states may be invited to participate in Intensive TA.

To get started, please complete the State Technical Assistance Request Form and we will be in touch.

In addition to the LINCS three-tiered TA model, states will continue to have access to trainings and session they may want to offer through the LINCS Training Catalog. We will support states in directly coordinating and contracting with LINCS trainers to support these requests. To request these trainings or for any training and technical assistance questions, please email us at