Power in Numbers: Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research resources that are in the public domain or have been released under a license that permits free use and repurposing by others. The benefits of OER include:

  • Reducing cost by offering free-to-use materials released under an open license.

  • Increasing efficiency by giving educators materials that can be repurposed and adapted for multilevel classrooms.

  • Improving instruction through informal professional development, as creating and revising OER supports content mastery.

  • Encouraging contextualization through materials tailored and personalized to learners’ needs and contexts.

  • Expanding access and equity by presenting pragmatic and low-cost options for resource-constrained environments.

OER Handouts for Educators and Administrators

Interested in getting started with OER? Our printable handouts make it easy for educators and administrators to learn about the benefits of OER, where to find free resources, and how to join a community of OER users. Display and share these handouts to encourage OER adoption in your own community.


Download the one-page handout for EDUCATORS


Download the one-page handout for ADMINISTRATORS

Step-by-Step Guide to OER

Go deeper: Our introductory guide provides step-by-step instructions for identifying, reviewing, and remixing high-quality OER. The guide includes a list of recommended online resources and tips for educators getting started with OER; educators and administrators can also present this guide when hosting OER meetups or discussions.

User Group Resources

The Power in Numbers teacher user groups curated and tested OER, and created OER curriculum guides. The OER rated and reviewed by the first user group, as well as additional adult mathematics resources, are listed in the “mathematics” and “adult education” section of OER Commons.

The second user group developed the following OER curriculum guides:

Numbers & Operations