LINCS Review Process

The LINCS Resource Collection staff use a structured internal and external review process to ensure that the research, materials, and products included in the collection are of the highest quality. Two groups of subject matter experts (one with expertise in the LINCS topics and one who provides a state and local perspective) identify potential research and materials relevant to the topics and useful to the field.

Once identified, resources go through the following review process.

  1. Internally, LINCS Resource Collection staff begin by determining if the resource to be reviewed is appropriate for adult learners or for program staff providing adult basic education services, available online at no cost, and that materials appear to be based on research and that research appears to be applicable to practice.

  2. An external review is initiated only if a resource meets the basic criteria. The resource is then sent to two of the topic's approved expert reviewers. These individuals review the resource, attending to the research and/or theory on which the resource is based. When a resource appears relevant to different collection topics, the resource is sent to reviewers with expertise in each topic. If the reviewers disagree, a third expert is asked to review the resource. LINCS staff use these reviews and comments to determine the addition of a resource to the LINCS Resource Collection. Resources are also reviewed on a quarterly basis by experts who are able to provide a state perspective to determine the relevance of the resources to practitioners at the state and local level.

  3. Resources approved by the Department of Education or recommended by the expert reviewers are then placed in the collection. A profile for each resource provides practitioners with information about the resource, including reviewer comments and, in some cases, cautions in using the materials or products effectively, or in considering application of the research findings.

To suggest a resource for inclusion in the Resource Collection, please complete the Suggest a New Resource form.