Power in Numbers: Adult Learner Stories

Power in Numbers aims to help adult students receive the higher-level math skills they need to succeed. This video series comprises of three short videos in English and Spanish, and an accompanying discussion guide. The series serves to promote the importance and relevance of advanced math skills to inspire adult learners. These videos are part of the Power in Numbers initiative funded by the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE).

We suggest adult education teachers use these videos in the classroom to encourage a discussion on the challenges and motivations for pursuing adult learning. For more information about how to use these videos and facilitate class discussion, please see the discussion guide: Video Guide for Classroom Use

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How Adult Education Changed My Life

Momentum | Angelo’s story

Persistence | Lakiesha’s story

Overcoming doubt | Mohammed’s story

Cómo la educación para adultos cambió mi vida

Impulso | La historia de Angelo

Persistencia | La historia de Lakiesha

Superando la duda | La historia de Mohammed