English Language Acquisition

Linguistic Integration Activities

English language acquisition services are vital for immigrants’ civic, economic, and linguistic integration. Through these services, immigrants and English learners build English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to support their civic participation, their educational goals, and their economic mobility. Resources in this section support high-quality English language acquisition instruction and program development.

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Spotlight: Using Multilingual Approaches to Support English Language Acquisition
Contextualized English Language Acquisition Instruction

Contextualized English language acquisition (ELA) instruction applies English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills to academic, job-related, or civic-oriented situations. In this way, immigrants and English learners improve their English language skills and learn content that is most relevant to them. Resources in this section describe and encourage various strategies for delivering contextualized instruction.

Multilingual Strategies

Multilingual strategies can enhance immigrants’ and English learners’ understanding of instructional content and facilitate language development in both the native language and English. Resources in this section highlight strategies for supporting language access and multilingual instruction.

Technology-Enabled Instruction

Technology-enabled instruction options such as remote, blended, or hybrid learning can increase immigrants’ and English learners’ access to English language acquisition instruction. The resources in this section focus on how IELCE activities can use technology to widen access to instruction for their immigrant and English learner populations.

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