Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) Program

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) activities are a main pathway to support immigrants’ civic, linguistic, and economic integration in U.S. society. For this reason, IELCE activities aim to assist immigrants and English language learners in their roles as parents, workers, and citizens through integrated civics and English language literacy acquisition instruction and, as conveyed in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Sec. 243, IELCE, workforce preparation, and workforce training. Resources found in this section offer guidance for designing and assessing IELCE activities, as well as resources related to adult education and literacy, digital literacy, and career exploration.

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EARN Resources
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Linguistic Integration Activities
Adult Education and Literacy

Adult education and literacy activities represent a wide range of adult education services. In IELCE and IET programs, adult education and literacy activities typically include English language acquisition services and/or instruction to move toward skill gains and/or earning a high school credential. Resources in this section support the development of and facilitation of adult education and literacy programs and instruction for immigrants and English learners.

Civic Integration Activities
Digital Literacy

Adult education and literacy can also include instruction on digital literacy, which is a foundational skill needed for civic, economic, and linguistic integration. For example, digital literacy is needed for immigrants to obtain postsecondary credentials, communicate with their child’s teacher, and apply for a job. The resources in this section illustrate approaches for digital literacy instruction.

Economic Integration Activities
Career Exploration

Career exploration is the foundation for immigrants and English learners to examine potential careers and determine their career plans. Resources in this section help adult education programs deliver instruction and guidance for career exploration.

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