Teaching Skills that Matter Toolkit Overview


TSTM Overview

We all use them every day — the transferable skills that help us be effective in work and in life. But what are these skills? In what areas do students need to be able to apply them? How can we incorporate teaching the skills into our Adult Basic Education (ABE) and English Language Learners' (ELL) classrooms? These tools provide high-level answers to these important questions.

TSTM Instructional Videos

The TSTM Project is developing a series of eight instructional videos focused on improving teacher practice. The first three of these videos will focus on the three approaches that work. They will be included below as they become available. The other five videos will be developed around each of the five topic focus areas. They will be found under their related topic—civic education, digital literacy, financial literacy, health literacy or workforce preparation.

  • Teaching the Skills That Matter: Approaches That Work—Project-Based Learning
    This video shows the steps and structure of a project-based learning lesson in the context of a financial literacy lesson called “Eating Healthy on a Budget.” You’ll see Lia Olson guide her multilevel ESL class through each step of the process as they plan a meal that is both low cost and healthy. For more information about project-based learning, check out documents on the approaches above. You can also find the lesson that Lia taught her class in the Financial Literacy section of the toolkit.