School-based Family Literacy Discussion Summary - 2002

School-based Family Literacy Discussion Summary

School-based Family Literacy

Discussion with Laura Bercovitz, Brenda Logan, and Shani Yero

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From January 7 to January 14, 2002, three guests were invited to ask and respond to questions related to school-based family literacy:

    Laura Bercovitz, Manager, Adult Learning Resource Center (Illinois)

    Brenda Logan, Director of School Reform Initiatives, National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL)

    J. L. "Shani" Yero, Program Specialist for Toyota Families in Schools Program, NCFL

Other Family Literacy Discussion List subscribers asked the guests questions, and responded to one another's questions. The following outlines the discussion:

  1. Moderator's Introduction of the guests and the guest discussion
    Comment by one of the guests.

  2. How would you describe your program serving school-aged children?
    Subscribers' Responses.

  3. How do we best inform K-6 teachers about family literacy?
    Guests' Responses.
    Other Comments and Guest Response.

  4. How do we best identify needs of teachers and/or parents for K-6 family literacy?
    Guest's response.

  5. How do we deal with teachers' negative attitudes towards parents with limited literacy?
    Guests' Responses.

  6. Who is the most effective contact in a school? Who should you build your relationship with in order to promote and then provide the support needed in running a school-based family literacy program?
    Guests' Responses.
    Subscribers' Responses.

  7. Does anyone have "generic" ideas for PACT time for family literacy involving K-6?
    Guests' Responses.
    Subscribers' Responses.

  8. Other Comments.

  9. Closing by the List Moderator.