The Washington State Learning Disabilities Project April 24 - 26, 2007

Outline of Topics

Tuesday, April 24

Judy Campbell - LD Specialist, IEL Center Spokane, WA

  • LD Specialist work with Adult Basic Education programs
  • Interviewing, Screening, Referral Process
  • Training Teachers
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Requesting GED accommodations
  • Working with Disabled Student Services partners
  • Outcomes

Wednesday, April 25

Candyce Rennegarbe - LD Specialist, Tacoma Community College, WA

  • History of LDQI Project with Judy Alamprese
  • State Office of Adult Basic Education Support
  • Development of Handbook on our universal design, screening, referral, and testing model
  • LD Specialist Training - California Model
  • Testing students for learning disabilities
  • Trainings for teachers and administrators
  • Next steps for project

Thursday, April 26

Jimmie Smith - LD Specialist, Renton Technical College, WA

  • Universal Design Learning
  • Renton Dept. of Ed. UDL Grant
  • UDL, Screening and Testing process
  • LD Specialist position in community colleges
  • Working with Disabled Student Services partners on campus
  • Working with faculty on campus
  • Tool Kit
  • Outcomes


Judy Campbell, M.Ed. is a Learning Disability Specialist who has worked in Adult Basic education for the past seventeen years. Judy began as a Reading Teacher who watched many of her students struggle to make progress and fail to achieve their educational goals. She desperately wanted to know how to identify the barriers that were holding her students back. When she first attended a teacher training given by Nancie Payne, she felt like she had walked out of the dark into the light. In 1999, she attended the training "Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities and Other Special Learning Needs" taught by Nancie Payne and Neil Sturomski made available through Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges Office of Adult Literacy. She eventually became a trainer and worked with teachers to share what she had learned. She then became part of the federally funded Quality Initiative with the state focus on creating a systematic process for serving students with learning challenges (LDQI). For the past two years, her ABE program has been part of the Renton grant on Universal Learning. It has been an exciting journey.

Jimmie Lou Smith is a Learning Disabilities Specialist and Counselor for Basic Studies at Renton Technical College. She has 30 years of experience in the field of education and 13 of those years have been working with an adult population in a college environment. Jimmie's passion is helping students be successful. Being a part of the LDQI and the Universal Design for Learning project has allowed her to do just that. She has had the opportunity to share her experience and training with others in workshops and conferences and will be a presenter at the Pacific Northwest Higher Education Conference next month.

Candyce Engquist Rennegarbe, M.A., is a learning disability specialist and instructor in the Adult Basic Education Department at Tacoma Community College, Washington where she has worked for the past 10 years. She has spent over 27 years working with students with learning disabilities in clinics, as a resource specialist in K - 12, and now with adults in the community colleges. Candyce is proudest of her efforts with the Washington State Learning Disability Project building a system to offer students screening, strategies, and testing as well as offering trainings for teachers and ld specialists. Her trainings have been well received throughout Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Texas.

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