About The Math and Numeracy Discussion List

The Math and Numeracy Discussion List

Welcome to the LINCS Math and Numeracy Discussion List moderated by Brooke Istas.

The purpose of this list is to provide an on-going professional development forum where adult educators, advocates, researchers, policy makers, adult education providers, and others can discuss mathematics and numeracy issues in adult education. This list promotes the sharing of information, research, expertise, and resources on topics such as:

  • Motivation and math,
  • Math skills for GED completion and transitions to post-secondary and workplace settings;
  • Common math and numeracy instructional issues;
  • Technology in math education; and,
  • Current on-line numeracy or math classes being piloted in ABE/GED settings.

The list will share information and resources on these and other related topics so that participants can increase their breadth and depth of understanding of adult numeracy and mathematics issues.