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The Math Minutes: Issue 2

14th September, 2017

New Research: What tech adult learners really need  

Power in Numbers is excited to announce the publication of the first of three research reports: The Math Gap: Implications for Investing in America’s Workforce. The report is a collaboration between the Power in Numbers team and our expert advisors.

The research makes the case for the use of open educational resources (OER) in the adult education classroom. It delves into the adult math landscape, analyzing the key stakeholders — employers, learners, and educators — and exploring how technology solutions can meet their needs, with a focus on OER. Read the full report.

Launching the first teacher user group!

We are pleased to introduce the first of two Power in Numbers teacher user groups. This group of 20 adult math teachers will identify and curate the best math OER for the adult classroom. Hailing from 12 states and educational institutions that include community colleges, workforce development organizations, and correctional facilities, these 20 educators represent the wide spectrum of adult learning environments. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and findings in Issue 3!

Expert Spotlight: Dr. Katherine Safford-Ramus at Adults Learning Mathematics Conference

Dr. Katherine Safford-Ramus

Power in Numbers advisor, Dr. Katherine Safford-Ramus, recently spoke at the 24th International Conference of Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) in the Netherlands. Kathy led presentations to the international adult mathematics education community on the work of Power in Numbers, as well as her ongoing research in the field.

Power in Numbers at OpenEd17

We are excited to speak at the 14th annual Open Education Conference in Anaheim, CA inOctober. The Power In Numbers team will moderate a panel featuring SMEs Jo Boaler, Amee Evans Godwin, and Gerard Hanley. The panel, titled “This Hidden Market is the New Majority: What OER Creators Need to Know About the Unique Needs of Adult Learners,“ will discuss the state of OER in adult education, and how OER creators can better serve the adult market. Additionally, we’ll share our research report findings in a presentation titled, “New frontiers: How OER can reshape adult math education”.

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The Math Gap: Implications for Investing in America's Workforce

12th September, 2017

Just published: the first research report from Power in Numbers!

This document is the first in a series of three reports on the state of the technology market for adult learners of advanced mathematics.

This initial report focuses on demand, including demand for advanced math skills, demand for new tools and approaches that meet learner and educator needs, and demand for teacher training to support deployment of new tools. Subsequent reports will focus on the landscape of existing tools for learning advanced mathematics, as well as opportunities to improve the creation and deployment of new tools for adult learners.

The purpose of these reports is to capitalize on the intersection of grassroots resource development, technology innovation, and labor market demand for skills to inform the future of adult advanced math education. In doing so we hope to illustrate the opportunity space for funders and technology developers to cater to this underserved market.


The Math Minutes: Issue 1

31st March, 2017

Advancing Math for Adult Learners

Power in Numbers is a new initiative from the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education to help adult learners receive the higher-level math skills they need to succeed in the real world. Power in Numbers is teaming up with teachers and other experts to identify and review high-quality open educational resources (OER) that adult ed instructors across the country can access for free.

Join a Teacher User Group

We need teachers like you to make it work! We invite you to participate in a professional development opportunity to open doors for adult learners.

Made up of passionate educators, these groups will identify, evaluate, and review advanced math OER in the adult classroom. Together, we will build a library of standards-aligned, free, and accessible resources to help adult ed teachers put their students on the path to proficiency in applied math skills.

Visit our page on LINCS to learn more about participating in a Power in Numbers user group.

Meet your partner experts

We’ve assembled a panel of leaders in math, pedagogy, and technology to guide and support our teacher user groups. They will develop and shape our research and support efforts across the initiative.

Read more about our Power in Numbers experts.

What’s next

Each quarter we’ll send The Math Minutes to share Power in Numbers updates and to bring you insights from our ongoing research. Our next issue will feature our first report — a look at the real-world demand for OER in adult math — in Summer 2017.

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