Scientific Practices in Context: Curricular Planning and Lesson Development

This self-paced online course provides an introduction to teaching science in context as well as guidance on where teachers can find credible science resources. The course also reviews the teaching and learning cycle, focusing on curriculum design, including lesson planning and development within the context of an adult education science unit.

Project-Based Science Instruction for Career Preparation

This self-paced online course is the third in a series of LINCS online courses that facilitate the teaching of science in the adult education classroom. The first two courses in the series, Engaging Adult Learners in Science and Scientific Practices in Context: Curricular Planning and Lesson Development, introduce the concept of scientific practices. The third course connects scientific practices to science content and the use of science in adults' daily lives, especially in work and career-related contexts.

Health Literacy in ABE/ESOL or: Health Literacy Resources and More

This face-to-face training includes a discussion of the new broader scope of health literacy, how it fits with teaching language and literacy skills, and how to integrate it into your Adult Basic Education/English for Speakers of Other Languages curriculum. We will explore a variety of free online health literacy resources that you can use in the classroom or to help train teachers build community awareness or form partnerships with local health agencies.

Open Science--Open Resources: Engage Your Students in Science Learning (OER)

This facilitated online course helps teachers find quality Open Educational Resources for the adult education classroom, evaluate them, and assess their effectiveness in meeting learning objectives. The course will also provide teachers with ideas and resources for instructional strategies and resources to introduce and engage adult students in learning science. Prerequisite: Open Your Classroom with Open Education Resources (TL07VS)