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Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS) Panel Streaming Video

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The National Institute for Literacy and the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) announce the "Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS) Panel," a 30-minute video on NCSALL's ARCS research produced by the Institute.

ARCS was the first large-scale attempt to use a battery of individually administered reading and language tests to describe the reading of students enrolled in adult basic education (ABE) and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) programs. Nearly 1,000 adult learners from 30 learning centers in seven states were assessed in order to develop instructionally relevant cluster profiles of adult readers.

The video offers a panel discussion about NCSALL's ARCS research and ways in which programs can use the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles, an on-line assessment tool based on the ARCS research, to assess students and plan instruction tailored to their specific profiles. Panel participants are:

Dr. John Strucker - Researcher and ARCS Director, NCSALL

Dr. Rosalind Davidson - Researcher and ARCS Assistant Director, NCSALL

Kay Vaccaro - Program Assistant, Harris County, TX Department of Education, Adult Education Division

Jane Meyer - Coordinator, ABLE-funded adult literacy project, Canton, OH

David J. Rosen (moderator) - Senior Associate, Newsome Associates, Boston, MA

To visit the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles ARCS Web site, please go to: http://lincs.ed.gov/readingprofiles/

To learn more about the ARCS, please see NCSALL's "Seminar Guide - Reading Profiles" http://www.ncsall.net/?id=597 available from the CPPR section of the NCSALL Web site.

A NCSALL study circle guide on reading research and teaching materials on reading are available from the Publications section of the NCSALL Web site: http://www.ncsall.net