Body Mass Index

This resource supports the teaching of specific education and training content that can be implemented by classroom instructors in the context of a particular career cluster.

Pete Kaslik
Terry Tatko
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Pierce County Careers Connection for the Washington State Transition Mathematics Project
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Instructional Material
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The four scenario-based mathematics activities are integrated into a health science lesson built around healthcare professionals’ role in addressing the growing obesity epidemic.  The scenario places students in the role of a hospital intern tasked with helping a patient lose weight.  In the process, students learn to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), convert units, analyze caloric intake, and set appropriate weight loss goals related to proper nutrition. This resource was developed as part of the Career Math Toolbox — a compendium of math problems created by teams of educators and industry professionals illustrating the use of math in a variety of careers. Each problem includes an introduction for educators that describes the math used and the College Readiness Standards and Grade Level Expectations that are addressed by the problem. Each problem also includes a brief description of the career field exemplified by the math scenario. Additional problems in the Toolbox are available at

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Students will increase their understanding of fractions, multiplication, division, algebraic equations, percentages, ratios, and proportions by applying them within a health science context.

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This resource was reviewed and vetted through the Designing Instruction for Career Pathways initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education under Contract No. ED-CFO-10-A-0072/0001.