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Ten interactive tutorials on algebra topics. 

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Goodwill Community Foundation
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This tutorial has a series of ten online, interactive lessons on pre-algebra and algebra.

  • Pre-Algebra
    • Order of Operations
    • Exponents
    • Negative Numbers
    • Reciprocals and Inverse Numbers
  • Algebra Basics
    • Reading Algebraic Equations
    • Writing Algebraic Equations
    • Simplifying Expressions
    • Solving Equations
  • Word Problems
    • Introduction to Word Problems
    • Distance Word Problems

Users can create an optional account that will track their learning history. When an entire tutorial is completed, users earn an Achievement of Completion. Within their account, users can see where they were last, how many tutorials they have completed, print off a Self-Paced Transcript, and download and print their Achievement(s) of Completion.

What the experts say

The layout, thoroughness, and content-specific information in GCFLearnFree Algebra Topics make it an attractive resource for adult education classes. While it may not satisfy all the needs of the adult education student, it is a valuable reference.

 The course is clearly explained with relevant illustrations. It progresses at a pace that most students could understand respecting both adult and K-12 students. The thoroughness and clarity might clear up some misconceptions that students got from their face-to-face class.

This component is more of a refresher on the most common topics, not a full Algebra I course   It does cover pre-algebra topics (order of operations, exponents, negative numbers, and reciprocals and inverse numbers); algebra (reading algebraic expressions, writing algebraic expressions, simplifying expressions, solving equations), and word problems (introduction to word problems and distance word problems). 

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