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Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that can be freely used and reused at no cost.

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Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that can be freely used and reused at no cost. Unlike fixed, copyrighted resources, OER have been authored or created by an individual or organization that, in many cases, chooses to retain few, if any, ownership rights.  The Common Core-aligned resources, which are housed in the Common Core Hub, are gathered from across the web. Common Core-aligned curriculum aims to support and challenge all students to develop critical thinking skills and to become independent learners.

Benefits and Uses

The lessons span all of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) math domains and the Standards for Mathematical Practices. As the lessons are aligned to the CCSS, the lessons are also aligned to CCR mathematical standards for adult education. The site’s subject domains include those that focus on career and technical education.  Many lessons are directly applicable to adult education, while others (at the lower levels) may need to be modified to more adult contexts.

A variety of states and educational institutions have submitted lessons to OER, and many of the resources have been rated by users. After opening a free account, users can rate these lessons for quality and CCSS-alignment using the Achieve OER Rubric and EQuIP Quality Review Rubric

Note: Due to the “open” nature of this site, there may be issues with quality control. Pay attention to the feedback left by previous users, and screen the resources for accuracy in both mathematical content and standards alignment. Many lessons need to be classroom tested, aligned, and/or rated in the site.  Given the varied quality of lessons posted on OER, the resource is more useful for users with a deep understanding of the CCR mathematics standards and the tools available for evaluating and revising lessons.

Once assessed for quality control, many of the lessons are classroom ready. They also include supplemental and instructor materials and links to videos.

You might also use this site as a free and open way to share materials with each other. Educators can upload their own creations and get feedback from the field.

The ability to sort by CCSS domain and Standards for Mathematical Practices is helpful.

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