Power in Numbers: Video Series

Power in Numbers aims to help adult students receive the higher-level math skills they need to succeed in the real world. This video series comprises of three short videos in English and Spanish and an accompanying video discussion guide. The series serves to promote the importance and relevance of advanced math skills to inspire adult learners.

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This three-part video series, which includes an accompanying video discussion guide, tells the story of three adult learners. The series focuses on skills they built and lessons they learned through their experience going back to school to earn their high school equivalency degree and continue their academic studies. The videos tell stories that are both inspirational and relatable, showcasing the success these learners have achieved while acknowledging the challenges they faced:

  • Lakiesha struggled through math but, years later, can help her children through their homework.
  • Mohammed applies the algebra he learned in his pre-med chemistry course, in pursuit of a medical degree.
  • Angelo relates his math studies to navigating the complexities of starting a business.

The videos are available in both Spanish and English. An accompanying video discussion guide provides instructions for teachers using the videos in their classrooms, including best practices, discussion prompts, and additional resources.

This video series was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education under the project titled “Power in Numbers: Advancing Math for Adult Learners” (OER Math project), Contract Number: ED-VAE-14-D-0006/0004, and it includes input from community college teachers, administrators, and students.

Benefits and Uses

In each video of the series, the adult learner’s experience with math is highlighted, and lessons learned are extrapolated to their lives today. In this way, the videos demonstrate both the direct and indirect benefits of pursuing adult advanced math. The video is intended to:

  • Provide support and encouragement to adult learners who are currently enrolled in math classes in an adult education program.
  • Highlight the unexpected connections between classroom learnings, everyday life, and professional pathways.
  • Dispel common misconceptions and shed light on the unexpected benefits of going back to school.
  • Showcase the value and relevance of studying math.
  • Represent and resonate with a diverse population of adult learners.

Adult education teachers should use these videos and the accompanying video discussion guide in the classroom to encourage discussion about the challenges and motivations for pursuing adult learning.

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