A Collection of Two Standards-in-Action Classroom Videos and a Video Resource Package for English Language Acquisition

These two classroom videos and accompanying materials are designed to provide adult educators with models of effective standards implementation. Through these Standards-in-Action (SIA) videos, adult educators can identify instructors employing effective language acquisition teaching and learning practices required by challenging academic standards. Both videos showcase online teaching, so there are also many good examples of using a combination of technology tools and resources to engage learners and enhance learning.

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These two SIA classroom videos and associated lesson materials are designed to support adult educators in implementing the instructional shifts required by college and career readiness (CCR) standards and research-based language acquisition practices and strategies. The videos can be used for independent study or as part of a professional learning community or professional development program. 

The SIA Video Resource Package for English Language Acquisition accompanying the videos provides additional guidance and concrete, visible evidence of CCR standards-aligned lessons.  They include:

  • Completed evidence-based observation rubrics that include descriptive annotations identifying observed lesson elements as well as instructor and student actions that support high levels of learning; 
  • Detailed English language acquisition lesson plans that identify targeted standards, learning goals, and sequence of planned activities;

The classroom videos have been carefully reviewed and annotated by experienced educators and content experts using the SIA Classroom Observation Tool for English Language Acquisition. They show students' productive and active engagement in effective, standards-based lessons. This includes, for example, peer-to-peer and small group discussions and deliberations in online settings. Educators can use these two videos and the accompanying materials as models to support their teaching and lesson planning to ensure they reflect the necessary shifts in language acquisition instruction. 

Benefits and Uses

The video lesson and the accompanying tools included in this Video Resource Package provide additional guidance and concrete, visible evidence of standards-aligned lessons. Through these videos, adult educators can: 

  • See examples of strong, standards-aligned lessons in online settings;
  • Hear from the videotaped instructor and participating students about the teaching and learning;
  • Use the annotated instructional examples to better understand the video lessons and the evidence of desired instructor and student actions;
  • Guide targeted professional learning for instructors working with students in various standards-based online contexts;
  • Support the use of the SIA classroom observation tools in all programs statewide.
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