Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with Edtech

This report presents insights from the past three Power in Numbers reports, accompanied by case studies that illustrate how organizations have implemented best practices in the real world.

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In this fourth and final report, Power in Numbers presents insights from its three foundational reports, accompanied by case studies that illustrate how organizations have implemented best practices in the real world. The case studies — featuring diverse adult education stakeholders, approaches, and lessons learned — demonstrate that there is not a single prescriptive path to supporting successful adult learning.

Through these case studies you will learn:

  • How a state-wide OER initiative has saved an estimated $55 million in textbook costs for its university students.
  • How an investment fund has supported the scaling of seven adult workforce technology companies.
  • How professors at a community college piloted an innovative distance learning model that has improved minority students’ course performance.

This document was funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education under the project titled “Power in Numbers: Advancing Math for Adult Learners” (OER Math project), Contract Number: ED-VAE-14-D-0006/0004, and it includes input from adult education practitioners, researchers, and policy experts.

Benefits and Uses

This document is the fourth in a series of reports on the state of the market for education technology (edtech) for adult learners.

The first report highlighted the key issues that edtech solutions face in serving the unique needs of adult learners. The second report identified potential solutions and made the case for further investment in edtech to transform adult education. The third report examined the development path for producing adult edtech products and identified best practices for improving efficacy and utilization.

The fourth report showcases how adult education stakeholders have developed and deployed successful edtech initiatives and solutions. Their stories can inspire and mobilize administrators, educators, and funders to create and enhance their own innovative programs within the unique context of adult education.

By applying these insights in a collaborative community of support, stakeholders can further advance adult education and training, significantly increasing employment opportunities and long-term career options.

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